Painting my doors for Valentine’s Day

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As part of getting divorced, I had to leave my home that I had refurbished.

I found that shitty.

I loved it so much (the floorboards, the kitchen, the paint Рall chosen with love) Рand in the final days of living there РI felt like I was about to have my feet pulled out from under my legs (is that an expression?)

Predictably enough – I didn’t buy a fully furnished flat with heating – but a project – something where I had to rip it all out and build it all up.When I moved in – I mourned for 3 months. No wifi, sleeping on a sofa – perhaps a little over-dramatic. Probably my style!

Slowly…slowly….things started to get better….slowly!

I’ve been calling it Chateau d’If – like the prison in the Count of Monte Cristo. But now anything sad happens – I try and build something new.

Last night I was sad (perhaps partially pre-menstrual hormones I have now realised) – so I painted my door.


And tonight – after watching some comedy – I am going to paint the other side.

The best thing about designing your own flat – completely on your own – is that you can do whatever you want.

Aside from guarding against molestation (one builder stroked my cheek before I realised what he was doing)…I have met some great people (mainly men) – so community has supported me again. Especially an amazing Palestinian electrician and an Iranian plumber.

Has anybody else ever painted a door like this? or done therapeutic home painting?

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