I set up The D-Word as a platform to support people like me going through divorce/separating/divorced.

When I got divorced, I found it difficult to access the support and information in a tone I connected with. Divorce is one of the most stressful processes I’ve been through, and my reaction was pretty intense – and then I threw a party to celebrate the way community supported me through the process. Through this, I met great journalists who also wanted to discuss divorce – at BBC London, BBC Radio 5 Live and The Times. This made me realise that there’s room to build a creative response to break-ups and divorce.

The D-Word offers the following:


Funny, sad and useful articles to help you with every aspect of your divorce, and written by a range of experts, bloggers and guest writers. To submit an idea, please email us here.


Inspiring, original events to bring divorcing people and their friends together, and to advance the debate around divorce among wider society.

Podcasts *Coming soon*

Divorce stories – with examples and ideas so you can support yourself and others through your divorce/break-up.

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And for background, this is some of Jane’s story…

When we separated, it was very difficult

I vomited every day - a lot - for 6 weeks

I had a bike accident and ended up with two black eyes

I was pretty amazed, though, by the generosity of so many people

Dancing (and raising money for charity) feels like a positive from a negative

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